Local beef ribs at The Apple Shed

Meat comes from animals

One of the iconic moments in our first year in Tasmania was driving along and seeing a small group of people in a paddock with some equipment. We took a double take when we realized that hanging from a small crane on the back of their ute was a freshly killed cow, being butchered. We thought it was a great scene and stopped to take a look and have a chat.

We’re pretty comfortable with that process, but it reminded us how many conversations we’ve had with people who don’t want to talk about animals or the butchering process – especially just before dinner! We have the utmost respect for vegetarians – not least because one of our kids is one. But if you’re going to eat meat then we think its important to face reality and that will be a theme we’ll cover here – meat comes from animals!

Pig being  butchered by a local chef

Pig being butchered by a local chef (photo by Callan Back)

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