Strange days indeed

It was one of my stranger days. Early afternoon I was with the extended family setting up the paddock for new baby pigs, including chasing an escapee across the paddock! A few hours later I was sitting on a plane disguised as a corporate guy, sipping champagne and flying to Amsterdam to give a speech to bankers on sustainability and finance. I suspect I was the only person on the plane who had crash tackled an escaped pig that day.

Expanding our pig herd seems like a sensible way to go. Asher has an endless need for them at The Apple Shed and given we feed our pigs the scraps from there, there’s a nice circle of life connection. As you can see, our pigs don’t do it very tough. We love them and they get spoilt rotten with lots of contact, fresh pasture, great messy digging opportunities and total freedom to “express their full pigness”, as Joel Salatin calls it.

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